Easy skateboard tricks

Skateboarding tricks to learn after ollie

If you can land ollie moving at a moderate speed, it’s time to learn some other skateboarding tricks for beginners. If you have some problems doing ollie when you are going pretty fast it’s psychological thing, many beginners have same problem. When you learn to do 1 trick moving really fast, rest will come by self. Best thing is to practice some other easy tricks parallel with ollie, ollieing on box, of box, going straight to box, ollie going in angle of 45*, jumping over decks. Good ollie is most important thing.

Easy skateboarding tricks

– Backside and Frontside 180
180 is an ollie in which both the skater and the skateboard rotate 180 degrees either frontside or backside. Here you can find FS 180 trick tips and BS 180 trick tips.

– Backside and frontside Pop Shuvit
Pop shuvit is skateboarding trick where skater is popping the board with your back foot on the toe side of your board 180 degrees. pop shuvit trick is quite simple and just requires some practice to find the proper foot placement, and amount of force needed to help the board rotate properly. You can find trick tips for Frontside popshuvit and Backside popshuvit

After these tricks you can go in few directions you can try to learn basic grind and slide tricks like 50-50 grind and boardslide or you can try to learn moderate flat tricks like kickflip or heelflip. Also you should start practice rolling in switch and fakie stance.

– Frontside 50-50 grind
A frontside 50-50 grind is the act of ollieing onto a rail and landing even on it with both trucks and grinding through. The 50-50 is the most basic grind. Backside 50-50 is way advanced trick than fs 50-50. Here you can find frontside 50-50 trick tip.

– Backside boardslide
A boardslide is one the most basic slides in skateboarding and is the fundamental trick for learning more advanced tricks. Frontside boardslide is advanced trick and you should wait some time to start practice it. Here is Backside board slide trick tip.

– Kickflip
The kickflip is considered the most difficult, basic trick. It combines the ollie with the skateboard doing a barrel roll, where it just rotates on an axis that goes across length ways. It rotates counter clockwise when looking from behind if you’re goofy, and clockwise if you’re regular. Here you can find Kickflip trick tips.

– Heelflip
The heelflip is one of the more basic flip tricks. It should probably be learned before all other flip tricks except for the kickflip, which could be learned before or after the heelflip. Your skateboard flips away from you as you jump. It spins in the opposite direction as a kickflip. Here is guide how to do heelflip on skateboard.

Easy flatland and flip tricks:

1. Ollie
2. Frontside / Backside 180
3. Frontside / Backside Pop Shove It
4. Kickflip
5. Heelflip
6. Fakie ollie
7. Fakie 180s – Half Cabs
8. Fakie frontside / backside popshovit
9. Ollie north, Ollie south, Nose and tail manuals.
10. Switch ollie

Easy grind tricks and slide tricks

1. Backside Boardslide
2. Frontside 50-50

Easy lip tricks

1. Rock to fakie
2. Rock and roll
3. Pivot

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