Backside crooked grind trick tips

How to do backside crooked grind guide

The crooked grind has some name variations. It is also called k-grind, krooked grind, or crooks. Any name is correct and it’s all the same trick. Before learning this trick you should know how to 50-50. Being able to nosegrind will help.

The following trick tip will show you how to do bs crooked

1. Find a grindable rail, ledge. It will be easier and less scary to learn on ledge. The faster you go the longer you’l’ be able to grind for. Ride with a little angle towards the rail or ledge, standing in an ollie position, but with your front foot almost on the bolts, but this really depents on you.

2. Bend your knees and pop your tail. Ollie up and point your nose down at the object by straightening your front foot, but keeping your back leg a little bent. Make sure you ollie higher then the rail or ledge. Get your front foot on the object you want to grind, while leaving your backfoot almost where it is. This is pretty hard, so practice.

3. Hold balance. Your balance should be just like a nosegrind, get your balance directly on top of the rail and a little bit to the front.

4. The hardest thing about the backside crooked is landing it, because you’re standing crooked on the rail the board will flip when you want to land it. When you’re at the end of the rail or ledge take some weight off of your nose so that it lifts up a little bit. Then push it back down quickly to sort of nollie out.

See video tutorial: Prod Ledge Fundamentals #8. Crooked Grinds

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