Heelflip trick tips

How to Heelflip

The heelflip is one of the more basic flip tricks. It should probably be learned before all other flip tricks except for the kickflip, which could be learned before or after the heelflip. Your skateboard flips away from you as you jump. It spins in the opposite direction as a kickflip. Many feel that learning how to heelflip is much easier than learning how to kickflip, but learning how to heelflip also takes some time.

The following trick tip will show you how to Heelflip.

The back foot should be place in the back corner of your tail. Right around that pocket where there’s that dip in the wood. Having your foot here will make the board slightly tilted in the opposite direction of a heelflip upon popping the tail. Your front foot is best fit an inch or two behind the front bolts. It should be pretty leveled with your heel lining up with the back edge of your skateboard deck.

1. Push a few times to get rolling at a comfortable speed.

2. Bend your knees. Push down as hard as you can on your back foot so that you tail hits the ground. Kick your front foot down and out to the side using your heel and outer toe. Try hitting a corner of the nose to make the board flip easier.

3. Keep your shoulders and legs parallel with the direction you are going. It will make the landing easier. Once you’ve got the board spinning, make sure you get both your front and back foot out of it’s way by sucking them up to your body a bit. Wait for it to finish flipping and catch it over bolts.

4. When the flip is completed, catch it in the air. Try to get both your feet on it and land the trick. Bend your knees for the impact.

See video trick tips: skateboarding tony hawks trick tips heelflip

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