Frontside 180 kickflip – frontside flip trick tips

How to Frontside Flip guide

A frontside flip is a kickflip with a frontside 180 Ollie. It is definitely a difficult to trick to learn, so don’t get too worried if you have a tough time learning how to frontside flip.

The following trick tip will show you how to frontside (fs) 180 kickflip.

Set up your front foot as you would for a kickflip, at a slightly sharper angle. Set up your back foot with your toes on the edge of the tail so you can get a good spin as you pop.

1. Bend your knees and wind your shoulders as you would for a frontside 180. Pop the tail and almost instantly slide your front foot up the board and off the corner of the nose. This helps the board flip and rotate.

2. Jump and spin 180 degrees with you body. At the same time, slide your front foot diagonally off the edge of the board to as you would for a kickflip. However, you’ll find that you need to kick harder.

3. When the board has spun about 90 degrees, it should have flipped once. You want to catch the board at 90 degrees, and spin the rest of the way. So you’ll need some height on your kickflips and 180s to pull off this trick.

4. When you see the griptape coming catch your deck with both of your feet. Land riding switch and roll away smoothly.

See video tutorial: Andrew Reynolds Frontside Flip Trick Tip

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