Handstand skateboard

Some legendary tricks have longevity — the trick was invented long ago, but you still see skateboarders doing it today. The Handstand is one of those skateboarding tricks. Even with the primitive skateboards of the early 1960s, someone, somewhere was bound to go upside down and try to ride the skateboard. When skateboarding starting growing in popularity in the late 1960s, a skateboard company named Makaha Skateboards invented the kicktail, giving the skateboard more leverage and ultimately creating more tricks.

In the early to mid-1980s, freestyle skateboarding made a comeback. The new wave was led by gifted skateboarders like Rodney Mullen who added variations like the Fingerflip Handstand and Primo Handstand. The Fingerflip Handstand is when from a Handstand, you flip the board with your hands and land back on the board with your feet. The Primo Handstand is when from a Handstand, you flip the board with your hands and land on the rail of the skateboard. Rodney Mullen perfected these and many other freestyle tricks.

– You should be able to do a Handstand before trying it on a skateboard.
– Start off by pushing with medium to fast speed. Reach down and grab both the nose and tail of the skateboard.
– While moving, kick your back foot up and over your head. Bring your other foot up and match your feet together up over your head. Use your hands to control the direction of the skateboard, tilting left or right.
– Hold the Handstand as long as you can When ready to land, start to bring your feet down to the board one at a time. Spread your feet out and stand up.

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