Backside Noseslide trick tips

How to do backside noseslide guide by Paul Rodriguez from PlanB

A noseslide is performed by riding parallel to ledge or rail. The skateboarder then does an ollie and turns the board 90 degrees. They then land on the ledge with the nose of the board sliding on top of it.


The following trick tip will show you how to do bs noseslide on ledge

Set your back foot up like you would if you were going to do a frontside 180. Make sure it’s pretty squared on the tail.
The front foot is best placed similarly to the spot you would put it for a frontside 180. Make sure you have it just a few inches behind the front bolts at most. You really want it sort of high up on the board to help you get into this slide.

Prod Ledge Fundamentals #2. Noseslides :
Learn the fundamentals of ledge skating with Paul Rodriguez. Up this time is the noseslide.

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