Backside 50-50 trick tips

How to do Backside 50-50 guide for begginers

The frontside 50-50 is a lot easier to get into than a backside 50-50. Before trying these, you should get the 50-50 down solid frontside. This way, learning this trick is really just figuring out how to get onto the object backside.

The following trick tip will show you how to do bs 50-50 grind

Set up your feet just like you would for an ollie. The back foot should be square on your tail of the deck. The front foot will be best placed just a few inches behind the front bolts. Make it level with the board.

1. Find a grindable ledge. It is easier to learn on a ledge, so you might want to try there first. Push a few times and get some speed. Ride parallel up to the object you’re going to grind.

2. Find the best slight angle to approach it to get over the rail, after that figure out how much speed is needed. Experiment a litle. Approach the object you want to grind with proper speed and angle.

3. When you’re at the right distance, bend your knees and pop your tail and begin your ollie. Land with both trucks evenly on the object. Guide your board over the rail, do this with your entire body, making sure you stay over your board at all times. Focus on staying over your board. Keep it balanced like you would with a frontside 50-50.

4. When you’re at the end of the object give your tail a slight pop and land back on the ground on all four wheels. Ride away.

See video tutorial: Backside 50-50 Trick Tip with Dylan Rutherford

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