Ollie To Manual trick tips

How to do ollie to manual trick tips

After ollie if you land on only back wheels it is ollie to manual, if you land on only front wheels then it is ollie to nose manual.

The following trick tip will show you how to Ollie to nose manual

1. Role up to tje box with your feet in an ollie stance only your front foot farther up.

2. Ollie and trancfer your weight forward.

3. Push your nose down in to nose manuel. Keep your balance.

4. Push your front foot forward to get out of the nose manual. Land.

See video trick tips: How to Ollie Nose Manual

Ollie to manual

1. Put your back foot flat across the tail, and put your front foot in a comfortable ollie position. Unless you are ollieing up something high you might want to place your front foot a little closer to the bolts then usual.

2. Do ollie, but instead of sucking up your legs really high to even out your board, keep the board uneven with the front end raised.

3. Land on your back wheels with your back foot applying pressure to your tail. Use your front foot to keep the board balanced. Now just balance and ride. There is no special trick to this. It just takes a lot of practice.

4. Land with your knees a bit bend.

Video trick tips: Ollie to manual

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