Inward heelflip trick tips

How to Inward Heelflip guide

An inward heelflip is the combination of a backside pop shove it and a heelflip. Inward heelflip is simular to hardflip. Hardflip is like an inward kickflip, so this is the mirrored version of that trick.

The following trick tip will show you how to Inward heelflip

Put your front foot like an ollie but put it up near the edge of the board. When you put your front foot on the edge, put it diagonal like how you slide when you do a heelflip. The back foot is pretty important in this trick. Set it up like you would for a regular heelflip, more towards the edge of the tail. But with this trick, you might want to put a little bit more of an angle on your foot than usual.

1. Push a few times to get rolling at a comfortable speed. This trick starts with the popping of your tail. Get a solid pop, and begin the rotation of your board.

2. Pop down like you would for a pop shove it but at the same time slide your foot down. This will cause it to pop-shove and you will do a flip. It’s going to feel a lot like doing a heelflip, in ways. You’re going to slide it up the deck, and flick/roll your foot out at an angle to start the boards heelflip motion. As you’re sliding your front foot up the board to do the heelflip, you’re going to have to cut it at a bit more of an angle as it approaches the nose, since you’re board is rotating in the direction you’re trying to flip.

3. Stick your legs up as high as possible because it may end up hitting your legs.

4. After it is done flipping stomp down on it. The catch on this trick is done primarily with your back foot. Once your feet are back on the deck, prepare for the landing. Land it.

See video tutorial: Inward Heel Trick Tip With Lawrence

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