Varial heelflip trick tips

How to do varial heelflip guide

Varial Heelflips are a combination of a heelflip and fronside pop shove it. They’re a lot easier to learn if you’ve been doing those two tricks for a while. The Varial Heel flip, when done correctly, looks beautiful. It is a trick that can amaze a lot of people. Not exactly easy though.

The following trick tip will show you how to Varial heelflip.

The key to this trick is to be pretty good at those heel flips and front side pop shuvits. Put your back foot like you would for a frontside pop shove it. Put your front foot like you would for a heelflip or a little more to the left if you’re goofy and right if you’re regular.

1. Push a few times to get rolling at a comfortable speed. Bend down and stay centered over the board, this is very important to help you do the trick properly.

2. Pop and smoothly shove your back foot forward while simultaneously start dragging your front foot forward, this will start the frontside rotation, and you will be nearing the flip. Flick a little before the nose with your front foot to start the flip while the board rotates the frontside pop shove it.
Understand that this trick is about is timing, so as you do your f/s pop, shove it about halfway slide that front foot up just like a heel flip and kick out.

3. Watch the board flip while putting your feet back in position to land the trick, you don’t want to land off balance and slip out.

4. As you are flipping it, suck up those legs when you see the board spin correctly stomp on that board and roll away happy. The higher you jump the easier it is to catch the board up higher.

See video tutorial: how to varial heelfip

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