Frontside Pop Shuvit trick tips

How to Frontside Pop Shuvit trick tip

The Frontside or F/S shove it is one of the better looking simple tricks. They feel great to land, and you can do a lot of cool things with them. You don’t have to know how to ollie to do a shuvit, but for a pop shuvit, you should know how to ollie. This trick is quite simple and just requires some practice to find the proper foot placement, and amount of force needed to help the board rotate properly.
The following trick tip will show you how to Pop Shove-it.

This trick is very similar to a shove-it, but it’s a little harder. Instead of scraping the board over the floor, you have to do a shove-it with a pop.

Keep back foot in the back pocket of the tail, with mostly toes and the ball of foot on the board. Foot isn’t really on the tip of the tail, but it isn’t totally wedged off into the side.
For front foot, keep it a little behind the front bolts, and completely over the board. Usually have toes hanging off the side. The front foot doesn’t play an enormous part in this trick, it just keeps the board from flipping.

1. Push a few times. With shove its, you need to be going at a normal speed, since this trick requires momentum.

2. Once your moving put your back foot flat across the tail, and your front foot pretty close to the front truck bolts, farther back once you have the hang of it. Keep your shoulders over the board, and your weight over the board.

3. This trick is done for the most part with your back foot. Bend your knees, pop the tail and while popping push the tail of the board out in front of you so the board begins to spin frontside. If the board flips, put more of your front foot on the board. If the board spins too much, you are scooping or shoving too hard. Just give a gentle scoop and shove and the board should spin the right way.

4. When the board comes around stop it with your front foot and put your back foot on. If your foot was too close to the other side, when you catch the board, it might hit it, and do a half late flip, which will land on top of your foot, and your back foot will land on the board, thus, crushing.
Keep your weight over the board so you will stay over it, extend your back leg out for an easy scoop, and keep your front foot in contact with the board.

See video tutorial: How to Frontside Pop Shove-it

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