360 flip trick tips

How to 360 Flip guide

The 360 flip, sometimes called 3 flips, or tre flips, is a combination between a backside 360 pop shove it, with a kickflip thrown in there. Before you learn how to 360 flip, you’ll want to learn how to pop shuvit and how to kickflip, people might think you need varials, but it’s a completely different trick.

The following trick tip will show you how to 360 kickflip

Place your back foot on the upper edge of your tail with your toes hanging off. This is so you can get a good scoop. You want to place your front foot in the center of the board at a 45 degree angle, with your heel hanging off.

1. Push a few times to get rolling at a comfortable speed.

2. Bend your knees a little to prepare for the trick. Make sure you’re balanced. Try and keep your shoulders and upper body facing the direction your riding. If you let your shoulders dip forward too much you are going to end up chasing the board. 360 kickflips are all in the legs. If you’re scooping and kicking right, the board will spin under you.

3. Pop up and scoop (pull your back foot towards you) with your back foot, sweep your foot across the ground and quickly pull it behind you, to make the board spin. At the same time, jump and flick out your front foot to get the board flipping. You don’t have to give a huge kick; a gentle flick will do. The front foot is like a guide for the board. Watch the slow motion part again and focus on his back foot. It’s moving a lot faster and doing most of the work.

4. Now that you’ve got the board spinning and flipping, bring up your back foot. When the board comes around get your back foot on it.

5. Make sure your feet are spread out properly. A common problem when first learning to 360 kickflip is landing with your feet together, or landing too close to the nose. When the board has spun and flipped all the way around, stomp on the bolts to catch it. Bend your knees when you land to absorb the impact.

See video tutorial: 360 Flip Trick Tips

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