Frontside boardslide trick tips

How to do frontside boardslide guide

A boardslide is one the most basic slides in skateboarding and is the fundamental trick for learning more advanced tricks. Before you learn how to boardslide, you should know how to ollie while moving. Considering you’re going to have to rotate a bit to get into this trick, it si better if you have a consistent and comfortable backside 180.
Majority of people will say that a frontside boardslide is harder than a backside boardslide.

The following trick tip will show you how to do frontside boardslide aka fs boardslide

The back and front foot should be set up as if you were going to be doing a backside 180 ollie.

1. Find a grindable rail or flat rail. Push a few times and get some speed. Ride frontside up to the rail so that your chest and toes are facing the rail.

2. Approach rail with proper speed, at a slight angle to help you into getting onto it. Once you find you are close enough to the rail, pop your ollie and begin to guide your front trucks over the rail, trying to land your board as centered on it as possible.

3. As you land on rail, your board should be perpendicular to the rail. Bend your knees slightly to balance yourself during the grind. Stay balanced through out the grind. Make sure not to lean too much either way.

4. When you approach the end of the rail, turn your body 90 degrees back, and take your board with you.

See video tutorial: Rob Dyrdek Trick Tip: frontside boardslide

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