Backside 180 ollie trick tips

How to do Backside 180 ollie

Backside 180 is an ollie with a 180 degree backside spin. The ollie is the base for most tricks, especially this one. So make sure you have a solid, controlled ollie before trying this trick.

The following trick tip will show you how to Bs 180 ollie. Reading this trick tip is just the first step to learn the Bs 180 ollie

1. Set up your feet in the same position you would for a regular ollie. Bend your knees and get ready to do a backside 180, nothing more, nothing less.

2. Turn your shoulders slightly in the opposite direction the you’re going to spin. This is a wind up. Bend your knees ready for the pop.

3. Pop the tail, and unwind yo ur shoulders. Start to lean to your right (left if goofy) and bring the board with you as you turn backside. As you’re turing, stayed centered over the board just like for an ollie. Complete the rotation and prepare to land. Land riding switch or fakie and roll away.

See this video: Skateboard Trick Tips: How To BS 180

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