Hardflip trick tips

How to Hardflip guide

The hardflip is a combination of a frontside pop shove it and a kickflip. However, it is a popular belief that this trick should go between your legs and look a bit inverted. Even without being inverted and going between your legs, it is still a hardflip.

The following trick tip will show you how to Hardflip.

Put your back foot comfortably in the pocket if the tail, similar to the position for frontside flips. You may move your foot around this area a bit you feel you need to do so in order to help you control the popping of this trick and your ability to jump a little higher than usual. Place your front foot in the kickflip position and a little more parallel with the heelside of your board.

1. Pump a few times until you are rolling at a comfortable speed.

2. Bend down and get ready. Pop as hard as you can on the tail, and begin to slide your front foot off the corner of the nose and try to keep it there, out of the way, while the board rotates. As soon as your front foot is almost off the board lift you back foot up and out of the way by moving out in the toeside (opposite of heelside, side that your toes is on) direction.

3. As the board turns vertical in the air, bring your back foot around towards the front of the board to let the board move between your legs. It is extremely important that you keep every thing in timing. As soon as it is possible, put your feet back on the board and even out.

4. The catching of this trick is primarily done with the front foot with the back foot soon to follow. Catch the board, land on all four wheels, and ride away.

See video tutorial: Trick Tips: Hardflips with Dan Zambrano

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