Best skateboarding tricks ever

Best skateboarding tricks from skateboarding videos

Technically section:

Severin Von Ow – Flip to bs tailslide bigspin flip out
Colton Blight – Kickflip bs lipslide kickflip out on the rail
Daewon Song – 360 flip to nosemanual nollie 360 flip out,ss 360 flip to ss nosemanual fakie 360 flip out
Ronson Lambert – Bs lipslide varial heel out
Ronnie Creager – Bs tailslide 270 bs flip out,fs tailslide 270 fs heel out,ss fs tailslide ss fs 270 heel out
Chris Haslam – Blunt triple kickflip out to fakie
Mike Mo Capaldi – Fakie to ss fs crook fakie 360 flip out, fs tailslide fs 270 to ss bs noseblunslide

Stairs section:

Jamie Thomas – 20 ft ollie(high)
Johny Layton – 20 ft ollie(long)
Dan Murphy – Ss kickflip
Tony Tave – Ss heel over the rail
Jimmy Carlin – Nollie double hellflip down 10
Lindsey Robertson – Hellflip
Dan Roberts – Fs flip down hollywood high 16
Greg Lutzka – Fs flip down 17
Andrew Pott – Ss fs flip down santa Monica triple set
Johny Layton – Ss 360 flip down Calrsbad
Tony Tave-nollie 360 flip down Macba 4
Chris Cole – 360 double flip(x-games 13 bestrick)
Nick Trapaso – Bs 360 kickflip down 9
Chris Cole – Bs 360 kickflip down big four

Rail section:
Heath Kirchart – Kckflip to 50-50 bonk down 11
Billy Marks – Flip to crook down big hubba 10
Greg Lutzka – Flip to fs nosegrind
Chris Cole – 360 flip to noseblunt
Paul Rodriguez – 360 flip to bs crooked gring
Greg Lutzka – Fs 270 flip to ss fs boardslide down rail

And two world bestricks:
Chris Cole – 360 flip down Wallenberg four!! (eight try)
Dave Bachinsky – Kickflip down el toro 20!!!! (eight try,I don’t know exatly,but it’s still best trick)

1.”Lux Aeterna”, composed by Clint Mansell
2.Gun and Roses-“Don’t Cry” (Just second half)

Best skateboard tricks ever part 2.

Stair Section:
Corey Duffel – Ollie double set 9 stairs flat 10 stairs
Gareth Stehr – Ollie a 21 stairset
Josh Casper – Ollie gap(15 feet high)
Jeremy Wray – Ollie water tower gap(18 feet long)
Bastien Salabanzi – Backside ollie down 20set
Ryan Dannettelle – Bs ollie el toro(20 stairs)
Jeremy Wray – Bs ollie,almost 30 feet gap
Andrew Reynolds – Caballerial down wilshire 15
Ryan Sheckler – Huge kickflip
Andrew Reynolds – Huge shifty flip down 12(4 block)
Lindsey Robertson – Huge heelflip down wallenberg four
Grant Patterson – Nollie flip down wilshire 15
Kevin Romar – Amazing nollie hell down wilshire
Jeff Mikut – Hardflip wilshire 15
Jimmy Carlin – Hardflip down 14 stairs
Brandon Tirner – Huge ss hardflip down Carlsbad
Chris Cole – Bs flip down wilshire 15(I know reynolds bs flip down wallenberg 4 is biggest,but I can’t find it)
Andrew Reynolds – Massive fs flip down wallenberg four..
Jim Greco – Ss fs flip down wilshire 15
Paul Rodriguez – Ss fs heel down 14 set

All 4 360 flips down Macba:
Chris Cole – Normal
Johny Layton – Switchstance
Felix May – Fakie(better,cleaner,stylish than Koston)
Tony Tave – Nollie
Jerry Hsu – Nollie backside heel down big 13 set
Bastien Salabanzi – Cab flip down Barcelona’s euro gap

Rail section:

Bastien Salabanzi – 360 flip to fs noseblunt
grant Patterson – Nollie flip bs crook on hubba 9
Chris Kendall – Hardflip bs lipslide down 10
Billy Marks – Flip to fs lipslide down 12
Bastien Salabanzi – Kickflip backlip down huge 10 set(same high rail as Wilshire,so Bastien could do down wilshire)
Eric Koston – Gap flip backlip
Eric Koston – Bs tailslide flip out to fakie
Healt Kirchart – Bs tailslide flip out to fakie on rail 7!
Koston – 360 flip to fs nosebluntslide down 8
Wade Desarmo – SS kickflip to ss fs feeble!!
Stafan Janoski – SS kickflip to ss bs crook down rail(tampa Pro 07 bestrick,everybody know,I know He do that down rail 9 in Nothink but the true!)

Third best trick ever:

Andrew Reynolds – Fs flip down 18!!!!!!!!!

Guns and roses Don’t Cry

Best skateboard tricks ever part 3.

Tricks in order:

Aaron Homoki – Stalefish down El toro (20 stairs)
Ryan Bobier – Huge ollie gap
Aaron Homoki – Huge melon grab down big 7 block(21 set)
Steve Otero – Airwalk down 17 stairs
Lindsey Robertson – Huge bs ollie gap
Ryan Bobier – Kickflip down 16 set
Lindsey Robertson – Huge bs heelflip
Caswell Berry – Pressure flip down Macba 4
Sean Malto – 360 flip down gap
Bryan Herman – 360 flip down Wilshire 15
Sean Malto – Hardflip Carlsbad
Devine Calloway – ss fs bigspin Carlsbad
Jimmy Carlin – Fakie bigspin inward heel down 8
Gav Coughlan – Bigspin heel down Macba 4
Ryan Smith – Bs lipslide down 17 set
Sean Malto – Amazing bs smith down hollywood high 16!!!
Chris Haslam – Nollie big heel bs lip to fakie
Adam Dyet – Nollie bigspin heel baclip down rail
Adam Dyet – Flip bs tail bigspin out(tampa pro Bestrick competion)
Mark Appleyard – Flip bs tail bigspin out
Billy Marks – ss bigheel to bs board down Beverly Hills High
Bastien Salabanzi – Double flip to fs boardslide to fakie down rail!!!!!!
Bastien Salabanzi – Backside 360 double flip up Euro gap!!!!
Ramiro salcedo – Nollie bigspin 540 heel up euro gap
Chris Haslam – Flip late shove-it transfer!!WTF?
Bastien Salabanzi – Huge switchstance double heelflip down double set!!
Bastien Salabanzi – Caballerial double flip down double set,four stairs falt four stairs!!!!!!!!!(globe Metz Masters 2008 bestrick competion) Best trick!!!!!!!

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