Frontside 50-50 trick tips

How to do fronstide 50-50 grind

A frontside 50-50 grind is the act of ollieing onto a rail and landing even on it with both trucks and grinding through. The 50-50 is the most basic grind. Before learning this trick you should be able to ollie. You’ll definitely want to know how to 50- 50 grind before moving on to more complicated grinds and slides.

The following trick tip will show you how to do fs 50-50

The foot setup for this trick isn’t anything unusual. In fact, you’re going to set up just like you would for an ollie. The back foot should be square on your tail of the deck. The front foot will be best placed just a few inches behind the front bolts. Make it level with the board.

1. Find a grindable ledge, it is easier to learn on a ledge, so try there first. Push a few times and get some speed. The faster you go, the longer you will be able to grind for.

2. This trick starts in the approaching the rail or ledge you wish to grind. Since you’re going to be doing this frontside, you’ll be riding with the front of your body facing the rail. Also, you’ll find it best to approach the rail with a slight angle. Find the best slight angle to approach it to get over the rail, after that figure out how much speed is needed.

3. Be about two feet from rail or ledge to pop your ollie and move over the rail. Bend your knees and pop your tail. Land with both trucks evenly on the object. Try and land with your feet still in the ollie position so that it is easier to pop off. Keep balanced as you ride out the grind.

4. When you want to get off, you can do one of two things. You can either lift your nose slightly and pivot off, or you can ollie off. You should definitely learn the pivot off first before trying the ollie off.

See video tutorial: Tony Hawk Lesson – 50-50

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