Backside Pop Shuvit trick tips

How to Backside pop shuvit / pop shove it trick tips

Backside pop shove its are one of the first tricks you’re going to learn in skateboarding. But as simple as they are, it’s also a trick you’re going to be doing years down the road after learning them. They’re an essential part of very many other tricks, so you’ll want to spend some time really making this one look good. You should know how to ollie before learning this trick.

Backside pop shuvit trick is quite simple and just requires some practice to find the proper foot placement, and amount of force needed to help the board rotate properly.

The back foot serves as more important than the front foot in this trick. There are many locations you can place it on the skateboard, but the best way is to put it somewhere very close to the middle of the tail. This position will allow you to give an easy and light spin of the tail as well as allowing you go get a very solid pop.
The front foot can also be place in multiple locations. For this trick, but the best way is to put it just a few inches behind the front bolts on your skateboard. Have enough foot on the deck to maintain comfort and have just a slight angle made with your foot.

1. Push a few times. Ride at a comfortable speed and have your feet set up as explained above.

2. Once your moving put your back foot flat across the tail, and your front foot pretty close to the front truck bolts, farther back once you have the hang of it. The starting of this trick depends all in your back foot.

3. When you’re ready to execute, bend your knees, pop the tail of your skateboard like you would an ollie. Right as the tail smacks the ground, give your back foot a slight roll to push the tail behind you. This will make the board begin it’s spin. Keep your front foot just above the board to guide it and keep it from flipping.

4. When the board comes around stop it with your front foot and put your back foot on.The catching of this trick is done with the front foot. Have it land directly over the bolts with your back foot just a bit behind. Make sure you don’t catch this trick early and land with the board moving at an angle, as this will make riding away very difficult and cause the trick to look quite sloppy.

See video: How To BS Pop-Shuvit With Thomas!

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