Frontside 180 trick tips

How to do Frontside 180 Ollie

In the 180 ollie, your skateboard spins 180 degrees with you. If you spin towards the direction you’re facing, you’re doing a backside 180 ollie, and if you’re spinning away from the direction you’re facing, you’re doing a frontside 180. How can you tell what your frontside direction is? If you’re riding regular, you’ll be spinning to your left. If you’re riding goofy, you’ll be spinning to your right. And in case you didn’t know, a 180 is half a full spin.

The following trick tip will show you how to Fs 180 ollie.

Reading this trick tip is just the first step to learn the Fs 180 ollie, but know that you’ll need lots of practise to land it.

1. Push a few times to get going. Ride at a speed you feel comfortable with, or standing still if you prefer.

2. Set up your feet in the same position you would for a regular ollie. Bend your knees and get ready to do a frontside 180. You need to know that this trick doesn’t start with the popping of the tail like usual. Actually, this trick requires you to do a little “winding up”. What’s this? This is preparing your upper body for the rotation.
So as you bend down and prepare to pop, turn your shoulders the opposite of the direction you’ll be spinning. This needs to be a light bit, it doesn’t take a lot to turn 180.

3. Pop the tail as hard as you can and unwind your shoulders and continue to turn them until they have rotated 180 degrees frontside. The momentum from unwinding your shoulders will help you rotate. When you pop it should be like a normal ollie, unwind and turn your feet with the board.

4. Complete the rotation and prepare to land. When you’re first landing these, don’t stress it too much if you’re not rotating a full and clean 180 degrees. You can come up a little short and under rotated and still be okay. As you’re landing in switch, try to have your feet over the bolts. Absorb impact as needed. Be careful as it will be much harder to maintain control now that you’re in switch stance.

See video: Tony Hawk’s trick tips ollie 180

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