Half cab noseslide

How to do Half cab noseslide

The following trick tip will show you how to do Half cab noseslide

1. Approach the curb riding fakie to about a foot and a half from the curb. Keep looking forward.

2. Pop your tail like you were doing a fakie ollie.

3. Turn your front foot in the air so that your board and feet make a 90-degree turn. During the turn in the air, move your front foot up on the board so that the nose lands on the curb.

4. Put most of your weight on the front foot so the board is held in the noseslide position. As you come to the end of your slide, turn your shoulders to complete the 180-degree turn so you are riding forward.

See video tutorial: How To Half Cab Noseslide 270 Out With Ronnie Creager

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