Finger Flip trick tip

How to do finger flip on skateboard

A fingerflip requires the skateboarder to flip the board in any direction using their fingers on the nose or tail.
It’s rather an old trick, it looks sort of funny but it’s important in getting use to you judging the timing of landing after a flip trick and having enough speed to do the trick. It involves holding the nose of the board, rolling it backwards while running, tapping the tail, turning the board 180 degrees while flipping the rotation of the actual board 180 degrees. Then landing with your feet on and rolling away. Like most tricks it’s all about timing, start with a steady roll, pop the tail and begin to twist the board. It will rotate by itself because of gravity then you can land on it and roll away. Notice the important part of this trick is to make sure you begin the twist of the board at the same time you begin the pop and the turn of the board.

Finger flip trick tip by FreeStyle Skateboard Pro Keith Butterfield

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