Feeble grind

How to do Feeble grind on skateboard

Feeble grind is skateboarding trick where the back truck grinds a rail while the front truck hangs over the rail’s far side. Feeble grind were invented by Steve Douglas around 1988.

The following trick tip will show you how to do Feeble grind

1. Approach the rail with moderate speed.

2. Snap an ollie and concentrate on locking the back truck with the rail in feeble position. Make sure you ollie high enough to get above the rail.

3. Point the front truck over the rail and straighten out your front leg for style. Stay centered over your board. Feeble grind down the rail.

4. When you reach the end of the rail, lift upward a little bit with the nose so you can land it clean.

5. Lean forward and ride away.

See video tutorial: Trick Tip – Feeble Grind Pop-Out by Tyrone Porter

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