Historical skateboarding tricks

Historical skateboarding tricks – video vol.1 and vol.2

Trick list (in order of appearance) :

1.Don Nguyen(the nuge) kickflip big 5 or 15 stairs
2.Colin provost biggest fs lipslide ever done huge 25 stairs
3.Jeremy Wray huge bs 180
4.Dallas Rockvam biggest bs feeble ever done huge 25 stairs
5.Brian Wenning switch bs 180 down love
6.Ryan Gallant huge gap fs flip
7.Paul Rodriguez switch hardflip
8.Dylan Rieder switch bigflip down 9
9.Albert Madrid fs lipslide 24 stairs
10.Chris Cole switch fs flip down love
11.Nyjah Huston switch heelflip 13( he also switch heelflip the 16 on maloof)
12.Chris Dobstaff bs bluntslide 18 stair(best ever)
13.Chris Cole bs flip down love(he also landed a bs 360 on fallen’s video and almost 360 flip it long time ago)
14.Evan Hernandez fs boardslide 18 stair
15.Paul Rodriguez 13 stair switch kickflip and switch heelflip the same day and first who did this tricks
16.Lindsey Robertson with it’s signature trick but now adding an indy…huge heelflip indy down an enormous gap
17.Nyjah Huston 14 stairs nollie heelflip(i know someone did whilshire but come on nyjah did this when he was 13)
18.Paul Rodriguez switch heelflip 14 stair
19.Ryan Smith crooked 18 stair
20.Chris Cole biggest fs boardslide in history of skateboarding
21.Chris Cole 360 flip big 4
22.Lindsey Robertson huge ollie over the rail of some double set 7 gap 7
23.Jamie Thomas really huge ollie
24.who else Don Nguyen(the nuge) with it’s huge ollie
25.Don Nguyen again whith it’s deadliest ollie(failure might had leaded to death)
26.Jeremy Wray huge triple set(and first to actually land a triple set back in the 1990’s)
27.Angel Ramirez Big gap fs 180
28.Billy Marks huge kickflip(good and evil credits)
29.Billy Marks 360 flip 14 stairs
30.another camera of the Bachinskys first try on kickflip el toro

Vol.2 Trick list (in order of appearance) :

1.Brandon Turner switch hardflip Carlsbad
2.Lizard King switch japan 17 stairs
3.Billy Marks huge 360 flip down a big 7 block
4.Furby switch heelflip over fence down a big gap
5.Tony Tave switch heelflip over a rail
6.Tommy Sandoval fs lipslide big 21 stairs
7.Tommy Sandoval bs bluntslide 19 stairs
8.Eero Antilla hardflip big triple set
9.Omar Salazar gnarliest drop in ever
10.Eric Koston switch hardflip triple set
11.Nyjah Huston double kickflip big gap
12.Billy Marks switch bigspin heelflip Carlsbad
13.Danny Gonzales gnarliest wallride
14.Paul Rodriguez switch varial heelflip 12 stairs
15.Mike Mo Capaldi nollie fs 180 heelflip triple set
16.Ryan Gallant bs bigspin triple set
17.Tony Cervantes airwalk (fs) boardslide 11 stairs
18.Lindsey Robertson heelflip Hollywood 16
19.Mike Mo Capaldi switch fs flip big gap
20.Chris Cole fakie fs flip huge 7 block
21.Tommy Sandoval switch hardflip 12 stairs(best switch hardflip down stairs)
22.Jake Duncombe 360 flip with a (tranny) board 11 stairs
23.Chris Cole 360 flip macba
24.Tony Tave nollie inward heelflip 12 stairs
25.Ryan Gallant switch bs flip Carlsbad
26.Tony Cervantes wallride 9 gap 2 double set
27.Chris Cole switch 360 flip 6 block
28.Dallas Rockvam feeble double kinked rail
29.James Hardy fs overcrooked 20 stairs(best overcrooked ever)
30.Leo Romero gnarly fs nosebluntslide 15 stairs(personal favourite)
31.Gilbert Crockett kickflip fs nosegrind 10 stairs
32.Tommy Sandoval really huge fs flip
33.Billy Marks huge kickflip 6 block

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