Varial kickflip trick tips

How to do varial kickflip guide

Considering this trick is combination of the backside pop shove and the kickflip, you’ll really want to have both of them down fairly comfortably before trying this specific trick.

The following trick tip will show you how to Varial kickflip.

Your back foot, place it on the tail as you would for a regular backside pop shove it. The front foot should be angled just as if you were going to be doing a regular kickflip. Also, you will want to place it just an inch or two behind the front bolts.

1. Push a few times to get rolling at a comfortable speed. As you’re riding and set up as described above, you’re set to get this one started. Pop your tail and begin the rotation of the board just like you would if you were doing a backside pop shove it.

2. Pull with your back foot to make the board spin 180 like if you were doing a backside pop shuvit. Kick your front foot off the corner of the nose to get the board flipping. In order to catch the nose with your kick you’ve got to kick out almost straight forward. If you try to flick out to the side the same way you do for a kickflip it won’t work because the board has already started spinning. It is similar to a kickflip motion, but a little bit different.

3. The board is now in motion. Bring up your back foot and get ready to catch it. Lower your legs back down and catch this one with both your feet over the bolts. Be careful not to catch it too early, however. Make sure it’s finished spinning.

4. Land and ride away.

See video tutorial: varial kickflip trick tip

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