Shove-it trick tips

How to shove-it / shuveit

The following trick tip will show you how to Shove-it.

The shuveit is one of the most easy skateboard tricks. You don’t even have to be able to ollie!

Keep back foot in the back pocket of the tail, with mostly toes and the ball of foot on the board.Foot isn’t really on the tip of the tail, but it isn’t totally wedged off into the side. For front foot, keep it a little behind the front bolts, and completely over the board.

Now pull your front foot forward (to the toe side of the board) and your back foot backward (to the heelside of the tail) while jumping up.You don’t have to pop, it’s more like a scraping motion.

The board should turn a 180.

When it has done a complete 180, catch the board and ride on.

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