Ollie South trick tips

Ollie South trick tips for beginners

The ollie south is done just the same as an ollie north, but you take your back foot off the board instead of your front foot.

The following trick tip will show you how to Ollie South.

Set up like an ollie, but instead slant your front foot slightly towards the nose. Cover most of the board with your foot for maximum control.

1. Get some forward momentum going and bend at the knees. The knees should not be bent so far that the rider loses balance.

2. Ollie sort of high.

3. Take back foot off of board and behind tail.

4. Put your back foot back on and land. Bend the knees as you land. This absorbs the shock of the impact. Focus on staying on the board at first and worry about style later.

See video: How to Olie South

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