Ollie North or one foot ollie trick tips

How to do Ollie North or one foot ollie trick tips

Ollie north is a great way to diversify your tricks down gaps, and can help with board control overall. One foot ollie is when you ollie and your front foot slips over the nose ,so your foot is off…most of you might know this trick as a ollie north..but its original name is 1foot ollie.

The following trick tip will show you how to do ollie north or one foot ollie (1foot ollie and nothing air).

You’re going to want a lot of overall board control experience, and knowing how to ‘tweak’ ollies will make this an easy experience for you.
Set up like an ollie, but instead slant your front foot slightly towards the nose. Cover most of the board with your foot for maximum control.
This trick is all about the way you move the front foot. Essentially what you want to do is ollie and push your front foot further off the nose.

1. Ride at any speed you like.

2. Stand like an ollie but with your front foot halfway on the screws.

3. Put your entire body weight on top of the tail truck.

4. Do an ollie but now kick your front foot over the nose… look at your board and land like an ollie.

See video: tony hawk´s trick tip – ollie north

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