Frontside boneless trick tips

How to do Frontside boneless on skateboard

Frontside boneless is a freestyle skateboarding trick, where you grab the board with your front hand, plant your foot on the ground and use your back foot hand and planted foot do get the board in the air.

The following trick tip will show you how to do Frontside boneless

You can bust out a boneless nearly anyplace – ramps, banks, bowls, flat ground, curbs.

1. Approach the bank with moderate speed. Bend your knees and reach down with your Indy hand and grab the skateboard.

2. As soon as you get to the top of the bank, plant your front foot and pop the nose up with your back foot and Indy hand.

3. Pull the skateboard up and out to extend your back foot for full extension.

4. Then with your front foot, jump up and begin to bring the nose around 180. Bring your front foot back on the skateboard in the air as you begin to land on the bank.

5. Let go of the board and lean ahead as you ride down the bank. Make sure your feet are on the bolts for balance.

See video tutorial: How to do boneless by Mike Vallely

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