Backside flip – backside 180 kickflip trick tips

How to do backside 180 kickflip guide

Backside 180 kickflip is one of the nicest looking flip tricks and can be seen in almost any skateboard video. Learning how to backside flip can take a while, so be patient when you’re learning this trick! Before you learn how to backside flip, we recommend that you to learn how to 180 ollie and how to kickflip.

The following trick tip will show you how to do backside flip aka backside 180 kickflip

Place your back foot flat across the tail and your front foot on about a 45 degree angle.

1. Begin by rolling at a comfortable speed.

2. Bend your knees and wind your shoulders as you would for a frontside 180. Pop the tail and almost instantly slide your front foot up the board and off the corner of the nose. This helps the board flip and rotate.

3. As you pop, unwind your shoulders and pop up the board, giving it as little backside scoop. Your body should also be spinning in the backside direction. At the same tip, jump up and give a gentle flick with your front foot, dragging it up and towards the corner, as you would for a kickflip. Pull your legs up high as you turn your body frontside to give the board room to flip.

4. Catch the board and push down evenly to land with all four wheels. Land and bend your knees to absorb the impact.

See video tutorial: John Motta Backside Flip Trick Tip

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