Backside bigspin trick tips

How to do backside bigspin guide

Backside bigspin trick is the act of doing a 360 backside shove it, and a 180 backside body varial. You and your board spin in the same direction.

The following trick tip will show you how to do backside bigspin

The back foot is really important on this trick. Place it in that pocket of the tail, with a slight angle that will allow a solid scoop motion. The front foot needs to be placed a few inches behind the front bolts, at most.

1. Push a few times to get going. Before you begin to do any footwork on the skateboard, you will want to wind your body up a little bit, in the opposite direction you’re gonna spin.

2. Bend your knees and pop the tail as you pull your back foot towards you to get the board spinning. As you’re spinning the board, turn backside 180 with your body. If done right, you’ll spin in the same direction as your board.

3. Watch the board under you and time up your landing. Ideally, you want finish up your 180 degree body rotation at the same time your board finishes up its 360 degree spin, but don’t stress it too hard if it’s not timed perfectly. If you manage to catch your deck with your feet a little bit early and the rotation isn’t complete, you can try to guide it through the end of the rotation quickly with a powerslide or pivot.

4. Land with your feet on the bolts and absorb impact as you see fit. You’re going to be in switch now, so make sure you put a little bit more effort in staying balanced

See video tutorial: James Maloney Trick Tip: Back Big Spin

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