Backside 5-0 trick tips

How to do backside 5-0 guide

The 5-0 is a fairly simple grind. Before learning this trick you should be able to 50-50 and manual.

The following trick tip will show you how to do bs 5-0 grind

1. Find a good sized ledge, rain or curb to practice on. Make sure it’s not too high and the surface is smooth enough
Approach your object with the proper amount of speed and distance, with your feet set up in an ollie position.

2. When you’re in the right spot to get onto the rail, bend your knees and pop your tail. Ollie up and push down on the tail a bit so that only your back truck lands on the object. Keep you’re balance using your arms. It doesn’t matter whether your tail touches or not.

3. Grind your 5-0 out, maintaining balance over the board the entire time.

4. When you want to get off, you can do one of two things. You can either lift your nose slightly and pivot off, or you can ollie off. Land on the ground leveled with your feet over the bolts. Absorb impact and ride away.

See video tutorial: Prod Ledge Fundamentals #5. Backside 5-0

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