Backside 360 Pop Shuvit trick tips

How to do Backside 360 Pop Shuvit trick tips

The name pretty much tells you what’s going on in this trick. It’s similar to a backside shove it, but this time you’re going to be sending the board in a 360 degrees spin rather than a 180. Before learning this trick you should know how to Ollie and Backside Shuvit. It’s a combination of the two plus some extra effort to get the board to spin another 180.

It’s really important you have a solid backside pop shove, as this trick is essentially just a spruced up version of it.

Set your back foot up similar as you would for a regular shove it, but scoot it a little bit closer to the end of the tail. Make sure that you still have a firm plant on the tail with the ball of your foot however, as this will be doing most of the work in this trick.
Put your front foot just a little bit above the middle of your board. Usually a few inches above the middle of the board (towards the front bolt) is a good spot. Put it at an angle of about 45 degrees, with only a little bit of heel hanging off the deck.

1. Push a few times. Ride at a comfortable speed and have your feet set up as explained above.

2. When you’re set up, bend down like you would for a regular shove it. When you pop your tail, use your back foot to sweep the tail behind you. It’s going to take quite a bit of force to get this one spinning all the way. While you’re doing this, lift your front foot out of the way so it doesn’t get in the way of the deck.

3. This trick is done for the most part with your back foot. Bend your knees, pop the tail and while popping push your back foot out in front of you harder than you would for a Backside Shuvit so that it can spin the extra 180.

4. Use your front foot to guide the board and keep it from flipping. Catch it, land, and ride away.

See video: Tips and Tricks | 360 Shuv-it

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