360 Ollie trick tips

How to do backside 360 ollie and frontside 360 ollie

You are going to need to know 180s before trying this one. You REALLY need a solid understanding on how to rotate yourself and your board, and a solid frontside or backside 180 will help you with that.

The following trick tip will show you how to do frontside 360 Ollie

Your front foot should be similar in placement as if you were going to do a frontside 180. Your back foot should be set like you would for a frontside 180, but slightly scooting it back, about inch, to help you get a little more pop.

1. Give yourself a few pushes and set your feet up.

2. This trick actually begins before you pop. You have to sort of wind up (a little bit more than you would normally if you were going to do a 180) your upper body to give yourself the rotation.

3. Begin to unwind your upper body with a little more force than usual, snapping your ollie just as your shoulders lined up with the deck. Doing this is going to get you into the air and begin your rotation.

4. Chances are you’re going to find your motion starting to come to an end at about 180-270 degrees into the rotation. In order to complete the rotation, you’re going to want to guide the board around the rest of the rotation. This will be primarily done with your front foot, while your back foot stays steady on the tail not letting the deck get away from you.

5. As you guide yourself through the end of the rotation, spot your landing and anticipate for under rotation of needed. Don’t worry, it can take a while to get a full clean 360 motion. Just try to land it as straight as possible if you can.

See video trick tips: 360 Ollie Trick Tip With Clint Peterson

The following trick tip will show you how to do backside (bs) 360 Ollie

Positioning: Basically as a backside 180, which is about the same as an ollie. Back foot over the tail, and front foot about center or just below the front bolts.

Bend your knees down as you get ready to pop. Have your shoulders winded up lot so it’s easy to get the full 360 rotation. Pop, and as you get to about 1/4 the way, unwind your arms, and as you get to the 180, the unwinding will carry you to a 270, and if necessary, you can pivot, or revert the rest of the way. Usually when first learning these that will happen, so don’t stress over this.

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